Lonjoni Nibash kawla Project


Lonjoni Nibash

11 storied residential condominium project

HOTLINE NOUMBER: 01531321032

A non-profitable residential project, run on a cooperative basis. Which is aimed at solving the housing problem of various professionals living in Dhaka.



Prayer Hall


Features & Amenities

General Features

Costruction Matrials

  • Cement: Locally manufactured portland cement, e.g-Supercrete/ Holcim/ Scan/ Basundhara/ Shah/ Seven RIngs.
  • Steel: TMT 500w ms. deformed bar as per design requirement.
  • Brand: BSRM/ AKS/ ANWER
  • Chips: Stone Chips for foundation, columns, beams, stairs, and slab design requirements.
  • Bricks: Standard good quality first-class available bricks.

Features & Amenities

Utilities Connections

  • Secured decorative MS gate with the lamp as per
  • Architectural design of the building
  • Attractive Apartment Logo
  • Comfrotable internal driveway
  • Installation of P.A.B.X system connecting all flats to security guar post.

Common facilites

  • Spacious lift lobby in each oor
  • Homegeneous Foor Tiles (HUA THAI) 10”x12”
  • stairscase and Landing area (12”X10”)
  • China Floor Ties (24”X24”) in all lift lobbies with proper lighting system
  • Two imported superior quality lift (HYUNDAI KOREA) brand (per building)
  • Staircase with comfortable steps.

Lift,Lobbies & Staircase

  • Underground and rooftop water reservior tank.
  • Water lifting pump.
  • Parapat wall of adequate height in rooftop.
  • Sewerage system.
  • Lift, Genetator,PABX & Pumps up to warranty period.

Lonjoni Nibash (kawla) LOCATION MAP

Our Motto

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