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Things to keep in mind before building a house

People are social animals because they live in a society

And I need a home to live in society. There are many houses and houses in the neighborhood. So you have to build your house.But before building a house, there are some things to keep in mind from a sense of humanity as a human being. The house in it does not say negative impact on my society or environment.

Besides, before building a house, one has to think most about its infrastructural aspects. No one will go home for two days in a row. If a natural disaster like an earthquake or a fire destroys a hobby house and it causes loss of life, then both the investment and the threat to life remain.

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Therefore, the house should be strong, durable, environmentally friendly. And there are several things you should consider when building a home to ensure these things

1. Just as an architect is needed to build a beautiful house, a civil engineer or a structural engineer is needed to build a strong structure.
2. Have you done soil test before building the house? Be sure to get evaluated by a skilled geotech engineer from a good organization.
3. Have a supervising engineer when building the house, so that the quality of work is good and the work is completed according to the drawing.
4. Take skilled mechanics who have previous work experience.
5. Bought a rod? Don’t just look at expensive companies or buy cheap rods to save money. Rather look at the quality. Rod of that grade (40,60,75)
Make sure the shop you are buying has graded all the rods and given them by the same company. Find out which grade of the rod is mentioned in your design.
6. Another important material is cement. The quality of cement in our country is relatively good. However, you can check the test report before buying.
7. Look at the sand grain and buy it. So that the FM of sand (FM = Fineness Modulus) is correct
8. Khoya (stone, brick) Whatever you give, when you buy, make sure to buy clean and good quality khoya.
9. Curing after welding is done.
10. Don’t panic about earthquakes, do that before building a house. Save the small building and save the people in the big building.

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